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Here are some examples of the type of work we have undertaken:-

Data Management

The development of a high integrity version control system producing reputable verifiable data used for boiler modelling in a way that is compliant with the American Nuclear Standards Institute (ANSI) standards for software development. 

The system was developed using the Railton Data Version Control System RDVCS. This is a ground-breaking technique developed by Railton Consultants and can be applied to almost any existing database structures to give any required level of traceability or repeatability to all data. 

The system comprises a Java user interface with an ORACLE data store
Photo courtesy of EDF Energy

Data Analysis

A bespoke central analytic system that records the rate of oxidation for critical components in nearly all of the UKs active nuclear stations. The system is built on an Oracle database with a separate graphical user interface running on a Windows server and is used by two diverse groups of scientific staff, who are comparing the behaviour of in-plant components with laboratory samples. 

The system also provides predictive modelling components and processes and stores data logger information for all the in-reactor thermocouple and gas path logger data since the start of operation, in order to support predictive modelling.
Photo courtesy of EDF Energy

Mathematical Modelling

An innovative design tool used by power station electrical design teams. This uses fundamental physical equations (Maxwell’s equations) to calculate the electrical behaviour of the high power outputs of large turbo-generator sets. 

The system allows the modelling of cable routes from the generator hall to high voltage transformers used for distribution. It is vital that these components are routed to minimise undesired electrical characteristics and the software permits various scenarios to be tried and then recalled and modified to arrive at an optimum solution.

Test Management

This system comprises two interrelated parts:

The first is a test database used by the nuclear industry in safety related applications to plan tests and catalogue test results for software.

The second is an automated testing tool used by the nuclear industry to perform regression tests on safety related software systems and and also perform automated data cleansing activities.

Data Conversion

Data mapping and conversion of safety related work planning database involving the development of conversion code, providing intermediate data storage in an Oracle database and finally performing live data verification and analysis for cut-over.

System Design

Design of a system used for the management of the decommissioning process for a nuclear power station. The system includes the tracking of waste volumes and the organisation of the waste into tracks allowing the tracing of all waste from its point of origin to disposal in order to meet the requirements of the nuclear inspectors.

Data Recovery

Due to an unexpected set of circumstances, the cabling information for a large engineering installation were completely lost except for a number of old tapes that were thought to be a backup of an unknown database format.

Railton Consultants were able to supply the required skills to allow the recovery of not only the cabling database information but also its reinstatement into a modern structure.

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