Who we work with

In this section of our web site we have examples of some local and corporate businesses we have worked with supporting them through the software jungle.

They are:

Rainharvesting Systems/Green Shop

Rainharvesting Systems (part of the Green Shop Group) was interested in reducing the cost of
their accounting processes. We analysed their system and supplied a design for them to
implement in-house, slashing their accounts bill.

Jensen Accountancy Services

Jensen Accountancy needed to re-implement their paper-based processes as an electronic
system, to meet professional requirements for a paperless office while maintaining practicality and security. We were able to design and supply a document management and backup system that met the requirements and could be managed securely without external intervention.

BRM Power

BRM Power was developing a novel wind turbine blade design. The specialist nature of this
activity meant that no software was available to help with the design process. We were able to implement an appropriate process, providing the tools to automate the modelling process.

barry marshall power

Global Organic Markets

Global Organic markets approached us for help with their invoicing processes. Because of the
nature of their business, run-of-the-mill ordering and invoicing systems did not fit. We were able to design and supply a system to match the way they operate.
www.yell.com/biz/global-organic-markets-stroud- 901294988

British Energy

The UKs largest energy generation company in the 1990's.


One of the UK and Europe's leading nuclear power generators.


The company charged with overseeing the management and supervision of the UK's decommissioned nuclear reactors.

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What our Clients Say

“The ongoing support is second to none”

Stella Jensen
Jensen Accountancy Services