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Railton Business Base (RBB) is a suite of software and server products which present a credible, more secure alternative to cloud-based storage solutions. We provide a range of system sizes that operate consistently so when your business grows it won't cause disruption

Security & Business Continuity

The risks to security have been identified by the European Commission to relate particularly to the storage of data by companies using cloud-based solutions and the uncontrolled ‘harvesting’ of that data either by providers or as a result of security breaches. This has led to the introduction of the European General Data Protection Regulation, having the force of law across all 27 EU states from 2018.

So now could be a very good time to examine what our Railton Business Base system has to offer in providing and simplifying your IT security, by decoupling from the cloud and returning control to your own organisation.

(See how RBB can help you with compliance with the new GDP regulations)
Read More (PDF link)In addition, from a business continuity aspect, RCL's business base servers and systems are designed to help reduce recovery times to the minimum by maintaining hourly backups taken offsite to a physical server ready to act as a plug-in replacement should your main system fail. Together with our security monitoring watchdog, it provides an affordable secure solution for small businesses.

Ask us to show how your organisation can benefit from an efficient recovery strategy and minimize the risk of data loss and production delays. We would like to show you how our designed data protection and recovery solutions can help you bounce back more quickly from data loss, especially with our local support and hot standby server available as a plug in replacement for your main system.

(See how RBB can help you with your business continuity planning )
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Environmental Considerations

In designing Railton Consultants' servers, we have selected only the most energy efficient processors and we use silicon disks as standard to minimise energy wastage. We help users to reduce their energy costs by advising clients on how they can minimise on-line storage use. As far as we know, this is a unique service within an industry whose normal technical answer to problems is simply to 'get a bigger one' regardless of the environmental impact.

The conventional IT industry focuses on forcing upgrades and selling new hardware to replace still working systems regardless of the impact. From a client perspective, these upgrades are disruptive and unnecessary when the hardware is still operating. As part of Railton Consultants 'Sustainable Software' principle we attempt to support our clients' servers for as long as possible by ensuring software continues to operate. As a result clients are not forced into needless hardware upgrades. Again, we think this is a unique approach to software support, which has a very positive environmental impact by reducing hardware wastage.

(See how RBB can help your company achieve its environmental targets)

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Locally Based

It is our plan at RCL that, as our company grows, we will create small local offices in each area with staff available to ensure any problems with your Railton server are dealt with as quickly as possible, probably by a site visit if required. Although this appears more costly in terms of time, we have planned our systems to be very low maintenance. As an example, we are opening a new office in the Gloucester area to support local clients.

Many other support companies now rely on remote access from a call centre rather than site visits. Where possible we avoid remote access because we feel it presents a potentially serious security risk and prefer to rely on physical client visits instead. If, as part of our site visits, we encounter other IT issues we can address, we will be happy to help with these too, if you like. We find most users just want their systems to work and we want to avoid our clients being stuck between different suppliers who are arguing that it is not their problem.


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