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Railton Business Base - the credible alternative to the cloud

What is the Railton Business Base (RBB)?
The Railton Business Base (RBB) consists of a linked pair of secure servers and supporting software that you own. It mirrors your business data to another location of your choice over a high security private tunnel through the Internet that only your system has the key to.

RBB uses 4096 bit encryption keys to protect all transfers whereas most transactions, such as bank operations on the internet, are protected by 2048 bit keys or even 1024 bit encryption in some cases.

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• You own your own data
• Data is not vulnerable on the internet
• Built in disaster recovery
• Reliable & robust system
• Accessible & easy to use

(See how RBB can help compliance with the new General Data Protection Regulations)
Read More (PDF link)

• Low power consumption
• Long lasting system = no throwing out
• Efficient storage of data

(See how sustainable software  can not only help you save money but also help save the planet) Read More (PDF link)

• Readily available local support
• No call centres
• Human contact & advice
• Local telephone support number

What our Clients Say

“The ongoing support is second to none”

Stella Jensen
Jensen Accountancy Services